Advice for new students

Edinburgh Law School has a very active postgraduate research student community and they will be delighted to welcome you and help you settle in. Here are a few tips that our current students would like to share with you:

“Welcome Week is definitely something you don’t want to miss out. There are various opportunities for you to make new friends and get familiar with your new home here in Edinburgh including guided tours on campus and visits to landmarks around the city. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the training sessions and social events organised by the Institutes for Academic Development (IAD). A good number of these activities are not just useful in developing your research skills, but also good chances to network with research students from across the campus.”
Jiahong Chen

“One recommendation I can give is that it might be a good idea to join the university gym early because doing the PhD involves a lot of sitting.”
David Komuves

“Societies are an ideal way for students to get involved with like-minded people and engage in extra activities which are not necessarily and solely concerned with law.

Supervisors have witnessed students coming in every year and are astutely aware of the various issues which students face;

Try to meet fellow PhD students from the same countries. This may be helpful in terms of overcoming language barriers and drawing attention to the location of shops etc. for example particular supermarkets where you can get your ‘home comforts’.”

Sean Molloy

“As my top tip I would just say that students who are new in Edinburgh should try to make the most of the Welcome Week events and attend the PGRSB welcome events and meet as many new students from different disciplines because most existing students already have a “circle” of friends and it can be daunting for in-coming students to make friends so meeting fellow new comers will enable them to build a network early on and some of those friendships can last a lifetime.”
Ali Malik

“Try to familiarise yourself with key places on campus, such as the Main Library, George Square, the University Health Service and the Law Library in Old College. Also, the Meadows (behind the Main Library) and the National Museum (Chambers Street) are great places to rest in your free time for free (this is particularly important if you’ve not received your scholarship yet).”
Jesus Manuel Niebla Zatarain