Timeline: Natural Law in Scotland, 1800-1875

Publication, Appointment, Lecture, or Other Event
1803 Archibald Arthur, Discourses on theological and literary subjects
1814 Dugald Stewart, Dissertation exhibiting the progress of metaphysical, ethical, and political philosophy since the revival of letters in Europe in Collected works, vol 1 (Edinburgh, 1854)
1814 William Paley, The principles of moral and political philosophy (Edinburgh) [orig. London 1785]
1820s ‘Common sense’ philosophy of Reid and Stewart dominates in Scottish universities (Cairns, ‘First’*)
1822 Johann Gottlieb Heineccius, Elementa juris civilis secundum ordinem Institutionum, commoda auditoribvs methodo adornata : nunc ab emblematibus liberata, integritati suæ restituta, notis passim adspersis emendata, correcta, suppleta (Edinburgi: sumptibus Bell et Bradfute et G. Stewart)
1823 Francis Bacon, Exemplum tractatus de fontibus juris, and other Latin pieces of Lord Bacon translated by James Glassford (Edinburgh)
1830 Report of the Royal Commissions into the Scottish Universities of 1826 and 1830 ‘roundly condemned the chair of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations’ at Edinburgh as unsuccessful, impracticable, untaught – a ‘complete failure’ (this is debateable)
1831 Regius Professorship at Edinburgh not filled at death of Robert Hamilton
1835 James Mackintosh, A discourse on the study of the law of nature and nations (Edinburgh) [previously published London, 1799]
1847 Elisha P. Hurlbut, Essays on human rights and their political guaranties (Edinburgh; Glasgow; London) [reviewed in The Scotsman (16 Oct)]
1851 Leoni Levi delivers lecture on ‘Universal Code of Commerce in Connection with the Law of Nature and Nations’ at Merchants’ Hall, Hunter Square, Edinburgh (advertised (22 Mar) and reported in (26 Mar) The Scotsman)
1862 Regius Chair of the Law of Nature and Nations at Edinburgh reinstated with appointment of James Lorimer (-1890)
1863 James Lorimer, An inaugural lecture on the law of nature and nations: delivered in the University of Edinburgh, January 6, 1863 (Edinburgh)
1868 James Lorimer, Reasons for the study of jurisprudence as a science (Edinburgh)
1872 James Lorimer, Institutes of natural law: A treatise of the principles of jurisprudence, as determined by nature (Edinburgh) based on his course

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