John Erskine (1695-1768), of Carnock

About Erskine

  • Chair of Scots Law, Edinburgh, 1737-1765


  • Principles of the Law of Scotland combines Justinian’s Institute with Pufendorf’s natural law; ‘it was the introduction of generations of Scots lawyers to their legal system’ (ODNB*)

Publications, Manuscripts, and other Resources

  • ‘Notes on lectures delivered by Erskine (1740): Sess. 1740-1’ [Apparently taken by Sir Gilbert Elliot, 3rd Bart of Minto], National Library of Scotland MS 3862
  • Principles of the law of Scotland: in the order of Sir George Mackenzie’s institutions of that law (1754); 7th edn (1791) available from Google Books

*For references, see the Site Bibliography.