2013 Workshops

Workshop 1: Beyond Text in Legal Education

Organiser: Zenon Bankowski (University of Edinburgh)

Speakers: Zenon Bankowski (University of Edinburgh) and Kirsty Alexander (University of Stirling)

Workshop 2: Constituent Power and Constitutional Change

Organiser: Silvia Suteu (University of Edinburgh)


Chris Thornhill (University of Glasgow): Rights and Constituent Power: A Sociological View of the Global Constitution

Mark Wenman (University of Nottingham): The Constituent Power as Augmentation and/​or Revolution?

Illan rua Wall (Warwick Law School): An Inoperative Constituent Power

Discussants: Zoran Oklopcic (Carleton University) and Euan MacDonald (University of Edinburgh)

Workshop 3: Forgiveness in the Criminal Justice System

Organisers: Cara Jardine (University of Edinburgh); Jessica Bird (University of Edinburgh)

Speakers: Richard Holloway, Author; Susanne Karstedt (University of Leeds); Marina Cantacuzino (Founder/Director of The Forgiveness Project); David Ferrier (Parnership Development Manager at Includem);

Chair: Richard Sparks (University of Edinburgh)

Workshop 4: Network Theory in Cyberspace Regulation

Organiser: Mariona Rosell Llorens  (University of Edinburgh)


Andrew D. Murray (London School of Economics): Nodes and Gravity in Cyberspace

Andres Guadamuz (University of Sussex): Internet Architecture and Regulation

Chris Reed (Queen Mary, University of London): Precision in Lawmaking

Discussants: Burkhard Schaffer (University of Edinburgh) and Martina Gillen (Oxford Brookes University)

Workshop 5: Law, Language and Legal Interpretation

Organiser: Martin Kelly (University of Edinburgh) 


Andrei Marmor (University of Southern California): Meaning and Belief in Constitutional Interpretation

Timothy Endicott (University of Oxford): Interpretation and the Intention of an Author

Scott Soames (University of Southern California): Two Dimensions of Originalism

Discussants: Neil Walker (University of Edinburgh), Stephen Tierney (University of Edinburgh) and Claudio Michelon (University of Edinburgh)

Workshop 6: Law as a Leap of Faith 

Organiser: Felipe de Sousa Oliveira (University of Edinburgh) 


Luís Duarte d`Almeida (University of Edinburgh) and James Edwards (University of Cambridge): Some Claims About Law’s Claims
Margaret Martin (University of Western Ontario)
Kevin Toh (San Francisco State University): Four Neglected Prescriptions of Hartian Philosophy
Matthew Noah Smith (University of Leeds)
Respondent: John Gardner (University of Oxford)