Virtue Ethics, Markets, and the Law

This Workshop will take place on Tuesday 5th June 2018 between 8:30am-4.45pm in David Hume Tower, Room LG.08. It is organised by Joaquín Reyes (Edinburgh).

Click HERE to access the papers (password protected).


08:30 Reception

09:10 Dominic Burbidge (Oxford): ‘A Separation of Virtues’

Discussant: Antony Duff (Stirling)

10:25 Coffee break

10:40 René Urueña (UniAndes, Colombia): ‘Virtue in Algorithms? Law and Ethics in Algorithmic Governance’

11:55 Coffee Break

12:10 Irit Samet (KCL): ‘Equity, Conscience, and the market’

13:25 Lunch Break

14:10 Prince Saprai (UCL): ‘Intent to Contract and Trust’

15:25 Coffee break

15:40 Chapin Cimino (Drexel): ‘Adam Smith and Modern Virtue Jurisprudence’

Discussant: Sebastián Figueroa Rubio (Adolfo Ibañez, Chile)

16:55 Closing remarks