Contemporary Problems and Hohfeldian Analysis

Legal Theory Festival Day 3 – Wed 31st May 2017
Old College, Raeburn Room
9:00am – 5:00pm


The Workshops are free and open to all but registration required: Register HERE

Additional information and the paper for the Workshop for registered participants can be accessed HERE (password protected)


Please note – this session is a pre-read session.  The sessions will include only a very short presentation by each author (of approximately 10 minutes.)


Workshop Organisers:

Luís Duarte d’Almeida (Edinburgh) & Euan MacDonald (Edinburgh)


Confirmed Speakers:

“The Nature and Importance of Hohfeldian Claims: A First/Second-Personal Analysis”

Rowan Cruft, University of Stirling


“Correlativity and Relationality: Some Remarks on the Tenability of Hohfeld’s Axioms”

Francesca Poggi and Francesco Ferraro, Università degli Studi di Milano


“Hohfeld, Deontic Logic and the Uncast Role of the Deontic Operator”

Andrew Halpin, National University Singapore


“Understanding (Human) Rights and Duties. A Formal Approach to the Hohfeldian Conceptions”

Réka Markovich, Eötvös Loránd University


“Legitimate Authority without a Duty to Obey?”

Lene Korseberg, European University Institute


“Legal Duties, Rights, and Liberties: A Framework”

Luís Duarte d’Almeida



This event is supported by the Mind Association.