2016 Workshops

2016 Legal Theory Festival

Monday,  30 May @9-4:30pm – Raeburn Room

The Rule of Law: Operation and Applications Through History  (Full schedule here)

Workshop Organiser: Paul Burgess

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr. Mirko Canevaro (Edinburgh), Professor Christopher May (Lancaster), Professor Jørgen Møller (Aarhus), Elizabeth McKnight (UCL), Paul Scott (Southampton), Professor Brian Tamanaha (Washington)

Confirmed Discussants:

Peter Candy (Edinburgh), Graeme Cunningham (Glasgow), Neil Walker (Edinburgh), Asanga Welikala (Edinburgh), Matyas Bodig (Aberdeen), Paul Burgess (Edinburgh)

Monday,  30 May @5:15-7pm – Playfair Library

Professor Claudio Michelon Inaugural Lecture ‘A Value for Private Law’ (Register here)*

*Followed by an informal drinks reception dedicated to the launch of the Edinburgh Legal Theory Centre

Tuesday,  31 May  @9-5pm – Raeburn Room

The Value of Private Law (Full schedule here)

Workshop Organisers: Professor Claudio Michelon and Constanza Salgado

Confirmed Speakers:

William Lucy (Durham), Sandy Steel (Oxford), Emmanuel Voyiakis (LSE), Neil Walker (Edinburgh)

Wednesday, 1 June @10:15-5pm – Raeburn Room

The Nature of Legal Sanctions  (Full schedule here)

Workshop Organiser: Lucas Miotto

Confirmed Speakers:

Beth Henzel (Rutgers), Lucas Miotto (Edinburgh), Dr. Nicos Stavropoulos (Oxford), Dr. Jean Thomas (Queen’s)

Confirmed Discussants:

Thomas Bustamante (UFMG), Andrew Cornford (Edinburgh), Sebastián Figueroa (Universidad de Chile), Euan MacDonald (Edinburgh)

Thursday, 2 June @9-12pm – Raeburn Room

Free Speech, Hate and Harm (Full schedule here)

Workshop Organiser: Vinícius Vidor

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr Matteo Bonotti (Cardiff), Dr. Koen Lemmens (Leuven Institute for Human Rights and Critical Studies)

Thursday, 2 June @3-5pm – Project Room

Reconstructing Arguments (Full schedule here)

Workshop Organisers: Luís Duarte d’Almeida and Euan MacDonald

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr.Lilian Bermejo-Luque (Granada), Dr. David Botting (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

All materials presented at the workshops will be made available in a password protected page for attendees. 

We are kindly sponsored by:

IAD – Institute for Academic Development                                                      Hart Publishing