2014 Workshops

Workshop 1: “Constructing Global Virtues through International Institutions

Speakers: Prof. Jan Klabbers (University of Helsinki), Dr. Ming-Sung Kuo (University of Warwick) and Prof. Neil Walker (University of Edinburgh)

Organisers: David Rossati, Giedre Jokubauskaite and Justine Bendel

Workshop 2:  “Feminist Constitutional Theory

Speakers: Prof. Rosemary Hunter (University of Kent), Dr. Maria Drakopoulou (University of Kent), Dr. Jena McGill (University of Ottawa) and Prof. Christine Bell (University of Edinburgh)

Organisers: Silvia Suteu and Ashleigh Keall (University College London)

Workshop 3: Social Harm and the Ontological Status of Crime

Speakers: Prof. Paddy Hillyard (Queen’s University, Belfast) and Dr. Lynne Copson (University of Edinburgh)

Organisers: Ben Matthews, Louise Brangan and Jamie Buchan

Workshop 4: Legal Normativity and Conventionalism

Speakers: Prof. Torben Spaak (University of Stockholm), Prof. Federico Arena (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago), Dr. Haris Psarras (University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Claudio Michelon (University of Edinburgh)

Organisers: An-Heng Yang and Martin Kelly

Workshop 5: Legal Interpretation and Construction

Speakers: Prof. Ralf Poscher (University of Freiburg), Dr. Raquel Barradas de Freitas (University of Oxford), Dr. Matyas Bodig (University of  Aberdeen) and Dr. Euan MacDonald (University of Edinburgh)

Organiser: Felipe Oliveira de Sousa

The 2014 Spring Workshops were kindly supported by:

Global Justice Academy

The Centre for Law and Society

The Institute for Academic Development

The Scottish Centre for International Law

Edinburgh School of Law

Cambridge University Press