Seminar Series

Please see the poster below for the details of our 2018-19 Seminar Series:

ELTRG Seminar Series 2018-2019 (Second Semester)

ELTRG Seminar Series 2018-2019 (First Semester)

Information on our past Seminar Series:

Academic Year 2017/2018: Poster 2017-18

Academic Year 2016/17

Winter-Spring 2017

Maggie O’Brien (UofT) and Alexandra Whelan (Oxford): “What’s So Bad About Hypocrisy?”

Kara Woodbury-Smith (McMaster): “Law and Potential Coercion”

David Cabrelli (University of Edinburgh): “Standards of Review in Labour Law: The Jurisprudential Implications”

Sabine Tsuruda (UCLA): “Contract, Power, and the Value of Donative Promises”

Adam Kolber (Brooklyn Law): “Ten Commandments for Legal Scholars”

Bosko Tripkovic (Birmingham):“Application of Metaethics to Constitutional Interpretation, and Interpretation of (Human) Rights”

Matthew Kramer (University of Cambridge): “In defense of the Interest Theory of Right-Holding: Rejoinders to Leif Wenar on Rights”

Pedro Múrias (Independent Scholar): “Purpose, Personal Value and Directed Duties”

Wibren van der Burg (Erasmus): “The Merits of Law”

Gustavo Ribeiro (Harvard University): “The Case for Varying Standards of Proof”

Martin Smith (University of Edinburgh): “When Does Evidence Suffice for Conviction?”

Oren Perez (Bar Ilan University): “Graded Speech Acts”

Autumn 2016 

Frederick Wilmot-Smith (Oxford): “Law, ‘Ought’, and ‘Can’”

Jack Woods (University of Leeds): “Defining Legal Positivism”

Guilherme Bandeira (University of São Paulo): “Eliminating Jurisprudence”

Tom Hannant (Queen Mary University of London): “Civil Republicanism and Human Rights”

Ben Sachs (University of St. Andrews): “Contractarianism and Positive Legal Moralism”

Christian Dahlman (Lund University): “Prior Probability and the Presumption of Innocence”

Adam Etinson (University of St Andrews): “What’s so Special about Human Dignity?”

Colin Bird (University of Virginia): “Punishment, Dignity and Violence”

Ioanna Tourkochoriti (National University of Ireland Galway): “Human Dignity: a Legal Value?”

Luís Duarte d’Almeida (University of Edinburgh): “The Justification of Law-Applying Judicial Decisions”

Stefan Sciaraffa (McMaster University): “Political Authority: Its Collectivist Role-Based Structure and Juridical Ground”

Academic Year 2015/16

Winter-Spring 2016

Max Stearns (University of Maryland): “Affirmative Action, Same Sex Marriage, and the Problem of Tiers of Scrutiny”

Cindy Phillips (University of Maryland): “Law’s Function as a Decision-Procedure”

James Edwards (University of Oxford): “Criminalisation without Punishment”

Visa Kurki (University of Cambridge): “Two Senses of ‘Legal Person’: Why animals can be legal persons but rivers cannot”

Benjamin Sachs (University of St. Andrews): “A Middle Position on the Status of Animals before the Law”

Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco (University of Birmingham): “Why Should I be Responsible for my Negligent Act? Refuting the Sceptical View of Responsibility in Negligence”

Abby Everett Jaques (MIT): “Authority, Morality, Legality: The Goldilocks Problem for Moral Positivism”

Robert Mullins (University of Oxford): “‘Legal’ and ‘Legally'”

Sharon Cowan (University of Edinburgh): “Sex, Consent, and the Question of Gender Identity”

David Enoch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): “Political Philosophy and Epistemology: The Case of Public Reason”

Jonathan Crowe (University of Queensland): “Holistic Constitutional Implications”

Marcello di Bello (City University of New York): “Is High Probability of Guilt Enough to Convict?”

Autumn 2015

Lynne Copson (University of Edinburgh): “Exploring ‘Harm’: Why can’t criminology and legal theory play nicely together?”

Sarah Lucy Cooper (Birmingham City University): “Judicial decision-making in the United States in the era of innocence: the influence of legal process theory”

Matthew Grellette (McMaster University): “Law as Government by Warrant”

Kenneth Norrie (University of Strathclyde): “Surrogacy and the distorting effect of child welfare on statutory interpretation”

Marcin Matczak (University of Warsaw): “Three types of intention in lawmaking”

Pedro Múrias (Independent Scholar): “The obligation value in impossible contracts”

Jorge Fabra (McMaster University): “A concept of global law”

Paolo Sandro (Liverpool Hope University): “Ignorance of the law cannot excuse: on the externality of law and the ascription of legal responsibility”

Francisco Saffie Gatica (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez): “Tax policy and distributive (in)justice in a globalized world”

Academic year 2014/15

Spring 2015

Luis Duarte d’Almeida & Euan MacDonald (University of Edinburgh): “Not Dead, Not Rehabilitated, Just Plain Wrong: Denying Some Antecedent Accounts of Denying the Antecedent”

William Lucy (University of Durham): “Judgement and Dignity”

Eveline Feteris (University of Amsterdam): “The Role of the Judge in Legal Proceedings: A Pragma-Dialectic Analysis”

Katharina von Radziewsky (McMaster University): “Metaphor’s Role in Reasoning by Precedent”

Barbara Baum Levenbook (North Carolina State University): “Dworkin’s Theoretical Disagreement Argument”

Richard Mullender (University of Newcastle): “The Scattergun and the Owl: Brian Simpson on Herbert Hart”

Winter 2015

Maksymillian Del Mar (Queen Mary, University of London): “The Forward-Looking Requirement of Formal Justice: 
Neil MacCormick on Consequential Reasoning”

Derek Auchie (University of Aberdeen): “The Structure and Nature of Statutory Interpretation – 
Time for a Rethink?”

Claudio Michelon (University of Edinburgh): “The Value of Private Law”

Cristina Redondo (University of Genoa): “Some Remarks on the Connection Between Law and Morality”

Hrafn Asgeirsson (University of Iceland): “Can Facts About Legal Practice Adjudicate Between Theories of Vagueness?”

Nicola Lacey (London School of Economics): “The Path Not Taken: H.L.A. Hart’s Harvard Essay On Discretion”

Autumn 2014

George Pavlakos (University of Antwerp): “Law’s Authority: Authorizing or Obligating?”

Nicos Stavropoulos (University of Oxford): “Words and Obligations”

Terry Maroney (Vanderbilt Law School): “(What We Talk About When We Talk About) Judicial Temperament”

Douglas Edlin (Dickinson College): “Departmentalism, Parliamentary Sovereignty, and Judicial Supremacy: Challenging the Rule of Recognition in the UK and the US”

James Lee (King’s College, London): “The Rationality of Lord Sumption”

Luis Duarte d’Almeida (University of Edinburgh): “The Grounds of Law”

Grant Lamond (University of Oxford): “Analogical Reasoning in the Common Law”

Academic year 2013/14

Winter/Spring 2014

David Plunkett (Dartmouth College): Antipositivist Arguments from Legal Thought and Talk

Brian Bix (University of Minnesota): Vagueness and Political Choice in Law

Emilios Christodoulidis (University of Glasgow): The Greek Tragedy: the Constitutionalisation of Austerity

Marcia Baron (University of St. Andrews): Reasonableness

Pablo Larranaga (ITAM): The Role of Constitutionalism in Regulatory Governance

Autumn 2013

Leslie Green (University of Oxford): What is Freedom For?

Fernanda Pirie (University of Oxford): Legal Anthropology and Legal Theory: Complementary or Contradictory?

Roland Pierik (University of Amsterdam): Religious Freedom at the Fault Lines of Liberalism

Academic year 2012/13

Anthony Lang (University of St Andrews): Hannah Arendt, Revolution, and Constituent Power

George Letsas (University College London): The Normativity of Conventional Practices 

Lea Ypi (London School of Economics): The Owl of Minerva only flies at dusk, but to where?

Frederic Kellogg (George Washington University): What Precisely Is a “Hard” Case? Waldron, Dworkin, CLS, and Judicial Recourse to Principle 

Thom Brooks (University of Durham): Stakeholder Sentencing

Marco Goldoni (University of Glasgow): The First Yellow Card against the Monti Regulation: A Case of Negative Politics?

Kristen Rundle (London School of Economics): Legality in the Contract State: Cues from the case of Jimmy Mubenga 

Deryck Beyleveld (University of Durham): Why Reasons for Action are Necessarily Governed by a Moral Law 

The following academics have also presented in our seminar series in previous years:

Dr. James Maclean; Dr. Amalia Amaya; Dr. Jen Hendry; Dr. Oren Ben-Dor; Prof. Gianluigi Palombella; Prof. Jaap Hage; Dr. Torben Spaak; Dr. Nigel Simmonds; Dr. Giovanni Damele; Prof. John Gardner; Dr. Dan Priel; Prof. Victor Tadros; Professor Heike Jung; Professor Mathieu Deflem; Professor Antony Duff; Professor Joxerramon Bengoetxea; Dr. Antje du Bois-Pedain; Dr. Leonidas Cheliotis; Dr. Massimo Renzo; Professor Kimmo Nuotio; Dr. Tobias Kelly; Dr.  Alex Broadbent; Dr. Ruth Dukes; Dr. Paul du Plessis; Mr. James Chalmers; Professor Zenon Bankowski; Dr. Sylvie Delacroix; Professor Fernando Atria; Dr. Scott Veitch; Dr. Lorenzo Zucca; Professor Octavio Ferraz; Professor Cecile Fabre; Dr. Kevin Walton; Professor Daniel Halberstam; Professor Upendra Baxi; Dr. Sammy Adelman.