Edinburgh Legal Theory Staff Videos

Claudio Michelon: ‘A Value for Private Law’. 2016 Inaugural Lecture, University of Edinburgh.

Burkhard Schafer: ‘Who Needs Flesh and Blood(y) Lawyers? Legal AI, Rule Following and Computational Creativity’. 2017 Inaugural Lecture, University of Edinburgh.

Neil Walker: ‘The European Union Experiment’. 2017 Distinguished Lecture, European University Institute.

Neil Walker: ‘Intimations of Global Law’. 2012 Montesquieu Lecture at Tilburg University.

Interview with Professor Neil Walker, 21 June 2012, Tilburg University.

Neil Walker: ‘Legal Pluralism and Legal Universalism in a Global Context’. 2011, Jack & Mae Nathanson Centre, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University of Toronto.

Neil MacCormick and Claudio Michelon: Colloquium on Law and Interpretation, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Part I and Part II.


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Prof. Zenon Bankowski’s Brazilian lectures

Jeremy Waldron and others in the 20th Anniversary Conference in honor of Joseph Raz’s “The Morality of Freedom” (Princeton University, 2006)

Ronald Dworkin on religion and toleration (University of Virginia, 2006)

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