Edinburgh-Oxford Legal Theory Graduate Colloquium

The Edinburgh Legal Theory Research Group and the Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group are proud to announce the Edinburgh-Oxford Legal Theory Graduate Colloquium. The colloquium will take place twice a year: once in Edinburgh and once in Oxford. The first installment of the colloquium will take place in Edinburgh on June 27th, 2016. This time, Oxford graduate students will present their work and graduate students from Edinburgh will act as commentators. The next installment of the colloquium will take place in Oxford in November 2016.

See poster and schedule below.

Poster Edinburgh Oxford Colloquim – Edinburgh, 2016.


9:00 – 10:05 –  Metaphysics of the Rule of Recognition and the Illuminati Problem

Mikołaj Barczentewicz (Oxford)

Discussant: Lucas Miotto (Edinburgh)

Chair: Dr. Cormac Mac Amhlaigh (Edinburgh)

10:10 – 11:15 – Meta-Authority

James Manwaring (Oxford)

Discussant: Paul Burgess (Edinburgh)

Chair: Constanza Salgado (Edinburgh)

11:15 -11:30 – Break

11:30 – 12:35pm – Corporations, Moral Judgment and Criminal Law

Sylvia Rich (Oxford)

Discussant: Vinicius Vidor (Edinburgh)

Chair: Dr. Chloe Kennedy (Edinburgh)

12:35 – 13:40 – Lunch Break

13:40 – 14:45 – Justiciability, Jurisdiction and the Duty to do Justice                      

Ewan Smith (Oxford)

Discussant: Martin Kelly (Edinburgh)

Chair: Prof. Claudio Michelon (Edinburgh)

14:50 – 15:55 Referendums and Representatives

Leah Trueblood (Oxford)

Discussant: Pablo Grez (Edinburgh)

Chair: Prof. Neil Walker (Edinburgh)

15:55 – 16:10 – Break 

Keynote Talk:

16:10 – 17:00 – Law, Morality, Art, the Works

Kevin Toh (San Francisco State University)

Chair: Prof. Neil Walker (Edinburgh)

Organizers: Lucas Miotto and James Manwaring

Past Colloquia: 

We held a Doctoral Colloquium jointly with Oxford University and Harvard University in Oxford on 28-29 November 2013. For more information on this, click here.

We also held a Colloquium jointly with Oxford University on 18 January 2013 in Edinburgh.