Harvard – Edinburgh Legal Theory Colloquium

University of Edinburgh – February 24-25, 2017

Room 9.01 – David Hume Tower (the Google Maps location is behind the link)

The early promotional poster for the event can be found here: Harvard Edinburgh Colloquium

Friday 24 February, 2017:

  • Lucas Miotto (Edinburgh): What Makes Law Coercive when it is Coercive?
  • Wendy Salkin (Harvard): Why Stop Snitching? Morally Evaluating Informants
  • Paul Burgess (Edinburgh): Deriving the International Rule of Law: An Unnecessary, Impractical and Unhelpful Exercise.
  • Konstantin Tretyakov (Harvard): The Right to Die in the United States.
  • Louis Ramirez (Edinburgh): Freedom and Hate Speech – The Case for Regulation.

Saturday 25 February, 2017:

  • Gustavo Ribeiro (Harvard): Evidentiary Policies through Other Means.
  • Martin Kelly (Edinburgh): What is the ‘literal’ rule of statutory interpretation?
  • Prof. Timothy Endicott (Oxford): Equity and Interpretation.