The Legal Theory Group

Legal theory has a long tradition in Edinburgh. In 2007, we marked the Tercentenary of the Regius Chair of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations. This Chair was held for over thirty years by Professor Sir Neil MacCormick (1941-2009), whose publications include Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory (1978), An Institutional Theory of Law: New Approaches to Legal Positivism (1986; co-authored with Ota Weinberger), Questioning Sovereignty: Law, State and Nation in the European Commonwealth (1999), Rhetoric and the Rule of Law (2005), Institutions of Law (2007) and most recently Practical Reason in Law and Morality (2009). The Chair is currently held by Professor Neil Walker.

Neil MacCormick
Professor Sir Neil MacCormick
Neil Walker
Professor Neil Walker

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The current convenors of the Group are J.P. Fassnidge and Ismael Martínez Torres, and they may be contacted at

The post was previously held by:

2019 (Autumn): Joaquín Reyes and J.P. Fassnidge

2019 (Spring): Joaquín Reyes

2018 (Autumn): Richard Latta and Joaquín Reyes

2018 (Spring) Richard Latta

2017 (Spring) – 2018 (Autumn) Paul Burgess and Richard Latta

2016-2017 (Summer) Paul Burgess

2016 (Autumn) Lucas Miotto and Paul Burgess

2015 (Autumn)-16 (Summer) – Lucas Miotto

2015- 2015 (Summer) – Martin Kelly and Lucas Miotto

2013-14 : Martin Kelly

2012-13: Felipe Oliveira de Sousa and Alexander Latham

2011-12: Wendy van der Neut and Luiz Fernando C. Silveira

2010-11: Paolo Sandro

2009-10: Francisco Saffie Gatica

2008-09: Haris Psarras

2006-08: Maksymilian Del Mar