Law Students’ Council

Shaping the Law School to meet your needs
The Law Students’ Council (LSC) is here to help you from your first day in Law School to your last!  It is comprised of around 20-30 students elected from all stages of the School. Our role can be split into two parts. Firstly, we seek to represent students’ views within the Law School. If you spot any academic problems concerning eg. the availability of course handouts, lack of exam guidance, or a serious clash of assessment deadlines, then please do come to us. We’ll work with the staff to get these issues sorted. Secondly, we provide students with all the services and information that you require to succeed during your time here. We have lots of helpful handouts stored on this website. As part of our role we organise a number of events for students throughout the course of the academic year. Strawberries and Fizz on the lawn, a second-hand book sale and Mummies and Daddies have been the highlights this year! Take a look around our site, we hope it is of help!