The AHRI 2018 conference is hosted by the Global Justice Academy (GJA), University of Edinburgh Law School. The GJA is the current Secretariat for AHRI (through 2020). The GJA is an interdisciplinary network that supports research, teaching and knowledge exchange on global justice issues, which naturally includes a wide range of human rights issues. It seeks to build on, consolidate and expand the work of existing centres and collaborations at the University of Edinburgh.

In particular, the GJA aims to provide:

  • An interdisciplinary hub for the exploration of what global justice is;
  • An intellectual meeting place for the discussion of novel ideas regarding a more just world;
  • An institutional forum for dialogue with practitioners engaged in justice issues locally and globally

The practicalities and logistics relating to the 2018 conference are arranged through the Programme Committee.

2018 Programme Committee 

  • Dr Kasey McCall-Smith (Organising Chair & AHRI Executive Chair)
  • Dr Elaine Webster (AHRI Executive Secretary)
  • Professor Christine Bell (Assistant Principal Global Justice and Co-Director of the Global Justice Academy)
  • Dr Andrea Birdsall
  • Dr Harriet Cornell
  • Professor Toby Kelly
  • Dr Tobias Lock
  • Dr Dimitrios Kagiaros
  • Dr Kirsteen Shields
  • Dagmar Topf Aguiar de Medeiros